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Helping people from behind the styling chair and connecting businesses through the internet.
Mafia Hairdresser Services

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Whether your company is large or small, you will find our services an integral part of your social media success. We will save you thousands of dollars and time with our One-on-One training courses. Affordable video content for your website and social media!

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Chicago Hair Services

Jon-David is a salon owner, master stylist and colorist at Mafia Hairdresser.

Visit his private salon studio

100 E. Walton St. in Chicago.

Open 7 Days

Mafia Hairdresser Famous Blog


Famous Blog

A Twillebrity and blogger for over 10 years, Jon-David shares his knowledge and tips as well as highlights people and businesses.

eBooks by Jon-David

eBooks & Downloads by Jon-David

Author, playwright, non-fiction, social media, screenwriter, how-to eBooks.

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